Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Services

At Inland Behavioral and Health Services, Inc. (IBHS), we offer two departments that specialize in substance abuse treatment. These departments are the Westside Counseling Center and Perinatal Care Network. IBHS is certified by the Department of Health Care Services as Drug Medi-Cal provider #360015AN (expires 11/30/2023). Below is more information on each department.

Westside Counseling Services

IBHS’ Westside Counseling Center (WCC) is a State-Certified Drug Treatment Program. WCC provides both prevention and outpatient drug/alcohol treatment services for men and women. Youth services may be available (based on available program funding). We accept referrals from CFS, CalWORKs, and probation. Medi-Cal is accepted and there is a sliding fee scale for uninsured persons with low income.

If you are concerned that you might have a drug or alcohol problem, please call us at (909) 881-6146.

WCC offers the following outpatient drug-free treatment services:

Individual and group counseling
Substance abuse assessment and education
Crisis intervention
Collateral services for significant others
Random urine drug-testing
Case management services, including referrals to community
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In addition to the traditional outpatient treatment services, WCC also has a DEJ/PC1000 Drug Diversion Program.

PC1000 is a 16-week, educationally based program for first-time drug offenders.
Participants must be Court-ordered into this program. This is a fee-based program.
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Perinatal Care Network

The Perinatal Care Network (PCN) of Inland Behavioral and Health Services, Inc. is an effective, affordable, and confidential Intensive Outpatient treatment Program for pregnant, post-partum, and/or parenting women and their children who are born addicted to or affected by drug use. The Perinatal Care Network is a State-Certified Drug Treatment Program. It is the original perinatal substance abuse treatment program of San Bernardino County.

The Goal of PCN is to provide rehabilitative services that will empower women to adopt a healthy, drug-free lifestyle and assist mothers to develop effective parenting and coping skills.

The Perinatal Care Network (PCN) Program provides a caring environment to guide clients and their children to health and recovery. The Program Consists of:

Intensive substance abuse counseling and education for mothers at 4 days a week for a minimum of 26 weeks
Group and individual counseling
Health, nutrition, and parenting education
One-on-One parenting training and monitoring of mother-child interactions; possible visitation at the program for children who have CFS Family Reunification case plans
Comprehensive case management services
Random drug screening to monitor and track recovery from substance use/abuse
Referrals to community resources
Collateral services for significant others, as needed
Free and developmentally-oriented childcare for children under 5 years old (up to two children per client); developmental screenings for children under 5 years old
Transportation provided up to the first two phases, with possible option to extend

Who is eligible? Eligible women are adult women with a current substance abuse problem or who at risk of relapse based on a history of substance abuse. We accept women who are pregnant, post-partum, and/or parenting children who were substance-exposed and/or drug affected. The program is primarily designed for mothers with children under 5 years old but we can help with children up to age 10. We take referrals from Children and Family services, CalWORKs, hospitals, OB/GYN programs, or other entities, although women can refer themselves. Please call us at (909) 881-6146… we can help!

Substance Abuse Services Are Offered at these Locations:

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