Substance Abuse


At Inland Behavioral and Health Services, Inc. (IBHS), we offer two departments that specialize in substance abuse treatment. These departments are the Westside Counseling Center and Perinatal Care Network. Below is more information on each department.


IBHS’ Westside Counseling Center provides both prevention and outpatient drug/alcohol treatment services for men, women, and youth. Fees are low-cost; Medi-Cal is accepted. More specifically, the center offers the following outpatient drug-free services:

♦ Individual and group counseling

♦ Substance abuse assessment and education

♦ Crisis intervention

♦ Collateral services for significant others

♦ Random urine drug-testing

♦ Case management services, including referrals to community

♦ Women’s Narcotics Anonymous meeting on site

Sliding Scale Fees Scale is Available (based on income)

In addition to the traditional outpatient treatment services, there are various specialty programs offered by the Westside Counseling Center. These include the following:

Risk Reduction Program

IBHS’ Risk Reduction Program for children and youth combines mentoring, life skills education, case management, and truancy prevention to help reduce risk factors (e.g. delinquency, substance abuse) and increase resilience factors (e.g. coping skills, resisting peer pressure, values clarification) towards a healthier and hopeful future.

CalWORKS Program

CalWORKS is an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program focusing on empowering men and women to adopt a healthy, drug-free life style so they can successfully enter into the workforce.

Participants must be referred by enrolled, or willing to be enrolled, in the CalWORKS (GAIN) program and have a current or recent problem with substance abuse.

PC1000 Drug Diversion Program

PC1000 consists of a 16-week educationally-based program for first-time drug offenders. Participants must be court-ordered into this program. This is a fee-based program. Please call for details.